Top 10 Travel Tips in Turkey | All you need to know before going to Turkey 2021 Is Turkey safe?

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If you are thinking about planning a trip to Turkey, and you don't know where to start, we are experts in this subject. This is like my 10th time coming. So, we are going to tell you 10 things before coming to Turkey, which was really going to air our next article about Ephesus to make sure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible, but since we have done a lot Received something After our latest article about coronavirus in Turkey, we decided to answer all those questions and jump into them. So let's know everything you need to know before coming to Turkey

Before Arriving

Visa for Visiting Turkey

I am also going to handle the next question, because people are curious about whether they need a visa to come to Turkey. As an American, you do! You had to pay US $ 50. You will have a visa for 180 days and within that 180 day period you can stay in Turkey for 90 days. Some European countries as well as some other countries are actually now being integrated into this visa-free program for the same 90-day and 180-day period. We are going to link Turkey e Visa with the link below so that you Check your country and of course they offer e-visas so you can visit one. Website e Visa to Turkey and get that taken care of before you even can get your visa when you arrive here, but it will be a bit more expensive but it will still be easy and you have no problem.

Weather and How to Pack

Another frequently asked question about the weather is. People believe that it is actually summer like all year round in Turkey, but it is not. Turkey goes through four seasons. The south of Turkey does not feel as cold as Istanbul, but Istanbul has every season. Therefore, you should dress accordingly. If I can convince Steve this winter, I plan to take him to a ski resort in Turkey. I am not a skier, but we will see that the other big thing to keep in mind when going to Turkey is probably to bring a comfortable pair of shoes if you are coming to Turkey then you really must have. Many ancient sites and sights and places you want to visit in Turkey have hills, so it is very mountainous. You have to wear comfortable shoes, otherwise you will not be able to do much. Even Istanbul is known as the city of seven hills, there are seven hills, which are always up and down!

Language Barrier

So the next question is how easy it is to reach and communicate here in Turkey. Unfortunately, we have to say that there can certainly be a language barrier at many points from the time you arrive at the airport, you are going to witness a situation where many English speakers are actually around you even once. Are not the ones. Try and keep trying. They will appreciate it and be more welcome. You know the opportunity to learn a few words in Turkish before you get here, put a smile on people's faces and I don't want you to think that language barrier is going to stop you from enjoying it. Your time here largely Turkish people are simply incredibly friendly and will go out of their way to try even if they don't fully understand you.

Transportation From airport

even if there is no metro connection by April 2021. So you may have to be on the lookout for different transportation options like Havists or Cabs. A Havaist to Levant (main business district), or Sultanheim (old city) from the airport. This is going to run you around 30 lire, so if you are two people or less definitely taking a havist bus, it is going to be more affordable. If you see a large group in a taxi cab, of course, with the yellow taxi you go into the same situation we were talking about earlier, a lot of yellow taxi drivers are unfortunately good English. Can't speak in a way and if you are not familiar with Istanbul like New York City for the first time, then unfortunately, you may have to face drivers who are ready to drive a bit so that the bus is ready for that. If you prefer to take a private transfer, you can do that too, they will only run you for 30 to 35 or more than 40 Euros, but definitely have the convenience of knowing that the driver waiting for you is.

Best Places to stay in Istanbul

Next thing you are going to think about Where do I live? Now, of course, if you are coming to Istanbul for the first time, you are going to recommend a maximum of two to three days there if you want to stay in the old city of Sultanheim area. You definitely can't see all the sites in a day and I've tried to do this. And that's just way too much and then you can get more information about Istanbul and I'm going to give you some ideas because I lived here. You can really stay on the Asian side. There are the Kadikoy, Moda and Cadbouston regions which are very safe and really nice neighborhoods that we suggest you to stay in, and on the European side of Istanbul you can explore options around the Harbai, Nisantasi, Aileiler, Lever area, because It is very central, the metro line goes everywhere. And also you can see the more modern face of Istanbul than the old city. You can actually spend a week here or more and it is just such a big city and there is so much to do and see that you know exactly where to live. Apply for Turkish e Visa.

Transportation Within Istanbul

how you move around in Istanbul and for us The simple answer is the metro system. Istanbul Central has a fantastic metro system and it all starts from Istanbul Card and it is a flat fee 3.50 Turkish Lira in the main city area. You can also use it to take buses, ghats of metro buses and some other things and that is all. "Tap to pay" and some of those things are definitely going to cost more money. We suggest you take more and more ferries, the scissors are amazing and if you don't do the Asian-Orop ferry at least once, you're not really experiencing Istanbul, you're ever tired of that scene.

Where to go besides Istanbul

Do not go if you are looking for places to hang out outside Istanbul, you want to stay longer, obviously, of course, there are Antalya to the south, such that it stays a little warm even during the winter months and their Nearby are all inclusive resorts where you can stay on the property and you can actually have everything exposed. And elsewhere, you are reading the natural history and beauty of Cappadocia, Pamukkale Ephesus… .they are some of Turkey’s most beautiful historical sites that highly recommend traveling, but if you want to see the local side of Turkey more If you want to read, I could recommend some of them Places as well. And of course, we have some articles coming to local places,

Transportation Around Turkey

so let's write about getting out of Istanbul ... We definitely recommend flying to most places. A lot of domestic flights are on the cheap side. , So this is going to be a little easier than taking a bus that can take a very long time, especially in Covid times, you don't really want to be stuck in the bus for 11-12 hours. If you want to take a bus, buses in Turkey are such that flights are not really speed wise, but are quality wise. You will not have a bathroom on the bus, but at the same time you will have someone who serves you tea, coffee and some snacks and they are very clean. They have their own TV system behind most seats, so you will feel very comfortable and the service is really good. If you want to take the bus, do not hesitate. They make stops for bathrooms and other necessities on the way. And you also get ice cream, which I love! I know ... it's better than taking a bus to America. If it is three to four hours, definitely recommend it, but Kapadokya from Istanbul for example is 12 hours.

Turkish Food and Drink

This time Turkish food, I love it! I can't say anything bad about Turkish food. Just be open to different tastes and don't get bogged down with food kebabs and baklava, please try to find more stuff, try stuffed muscles, try kokorek, lamb intestines, try different things Do not limit yourself with just a few options. Every city has its own food, everywhere Your own special dishes, so don't hold yourself back, but be sure to bring your hunger and size or two big pants with you because you're going to gain a lot of weight! Yes, at this point I've tried a whole host of different things, even drinks, Irons, I love it! Salgam suy, carrot juice .. Not so much for me, but try them! Just try them all, you will not regret it. I love Turkish food and cannot recommend it enough.
Hope to enjoy 10 things that you know before coming to Turkey! But, if you still have more questions Travel to Turkey, let us know. We would be happy to answer them. We finished our journey around the southern part of Turkey.

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