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Well I am still a Galatasaray player really, I'm on loan to Blackburn so that's it really. Right let me just be honest because I'm always honest, coming Travel to Turkey was a new experience for me, but to be in a team with the likes of Roberto Carlos, Stephen Appiah, Alex De Souza, Deivid, my coach was Zico, the legendary Zico. Edu Dracena, Diego Lugano, Gökhan Gönül, to be in a team with players like that was amazing for me, it was a privilege.
Obviously things didn't go as planned, we got through to the, we beat Chelsea at home, we got through to the quarter finals of the Champions League. We lost on away goals, so it was a really, really good time, they were both different. To go to Galatasaray was in a new era of Galatasaray, new stadium, a new coach, the amazing coach Fatih Terim. If you want an e-visa to turkey within 3 days, then we will help you with it. Visit us.
Playing with new players, you know for me the best goalkeeper in the world Fernando Muslera, Felipe Melo,. Obviously I am a Galatasaray player and my family support Galatasaray, so I don't really want to say who it was better playing for but I had good times, I had great times at both clubs, but I am still a Galatasaray player. So you know playing for Galatasaray is amazing.


I'd say Galatasaray all day long, their fans will die for the cause, and when they get angry they know how to tear up their own stadium, and you do feel the wrath, you feel the venom, you can feel the passion. Just for me personally I don't mean no disrespect but for me, yeah Galatasaray. We assist you to get an e visa application to turkey, then do apply for your e tourist visa Turkey within 24-72 hours.


"To be fair, I felt it was going to be worse than this." Obviously some fans you could never change their opinion no matter what, they will like you for one game, but then when you have a bad game it's back to the same, what they were feeling in the first place, but as soon as I played my first game which ended up being the last ever game in the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, and I scored the last goal ever. So no one can ever take that away, it was the last goal ever in that legendary stadium. After that the fans just went crazy.


In Istanbul: Galatasaray vs. Fenerbahce Intercontinental Derby with the Ultraslan.

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"Galatasaray vs. Fenerbahçe Fanbases."
Every club said they have the most passionate supporters in the world and the biggest fan base but bigger than this? We've come to Istanbul to be with ultra asan of Galatasaray and experienced their biggest match: the Intercontinental derby against fenerbahçe. The power of psychologists and Ultraslan is a very important thing for me. like, if an ID, you know?
One of the most important things in my life. all of the brothers, you know brother, sisters Ultraslan is a big power for the Galatasaray. UltraAslan made a name worldwide with choreographies, tifos and our love for the team during games, but this is bigger than football. We have been with Ultraslan all day. they've allowed us unprecedented access. we've been hanging out with the big boss. We've been seen almost as a Godfather around here. And they do not do normal matchdays: we've had Turkish tea, we've been to a wedding, we've been to a memorial service and the match hasn't even kicked off yet!
This is way more than just football. This is the March to the match. it's like a real football army, baby! I feel like I'm part of the family. It was one of the quietest things I've ever been a part of. all right; March is done, my chest is still beating but now it's a squad photo Time. you already know it is-squad goals, baby! two hours before the match, this is how you know we're rolling with the big boss: we didn't need tickets, we didn't need anything but we are in the venue! we are rolling deep, though. Reis, the big boss, ran all. This is his stadium.
When they talk about the biggest derby games in the world, they put us in the top three, top for, but for us, this is the biggest in the world. Life stops two weeks before the derby and this will go on for another two weeks after the game. The outcome of this game is going to cause an earthquake, a painful earthquake in Kadikoy [Fenerbahçe].
what a day! I am mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted. my voice is gone. But the thing I didn't have on this day was the goal. I've heard so much about this club, the fanbase, everything about the way this country loves its football but to experience it, to be part of it, to come in with the Ultraslan, to go to a wedding, a memorial service, to see their entire day and be with them, that's an experience I never will forget and it was too special, man.
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