Best Time to Visit in Turkey with Turkey e Visa

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Turkey has recently opened its sea, land, and air borders with several international tourists beginning from June 12th. As long as you adhere to the Turkish law, you can now fly to Turkey from almost any country. Depending on your nationality and purpose for the visit, you can travel visa-free or with an e-visa, sticker or visa.One of the most popular ways to travel to Turkey for tourists is by using social media platforms such as Facebook. Since Turkey is not yet an officially recognized country in the European Union, all social media platforms are banned. But since July, Turkey has begun to allow access to some social media networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Turkey has also signed a deal with Google and Apple to allow access to apps such as Google Maps and Uber Technologies. So far, this does not affect travel to Turkey via social media platforms.Since July, there have been no new attempts of attacks from any of the terrorist groups inside Turkey. If you want Turkish e Visa within 3 days, then we will help you with it. Visit us. However, since mid-May, there have been a number of bombings in different places of Turkey targeting civilians, mainly in urban centers in major cities such as Antalya, Marmaris, and Mecidiyekoy. Although local media has failed to give any credence to these bomb threats, we still recommend that you be extra cautious while traveling to Turkey. If you follow our basic tips on how to avoid traveling to Turkey with a limited amount of money, there is no reason for you to worry when it comes to security issues.

Turkey e Visa FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the following frequently asked questions and answers. You can get all the information about E Visa to Turkey by reading these E-Visa FAQs:

Is it good time to travel to Turkey following its tourism crisis?

Yes, the short answer is.
I lived my young life in the Middle East a lot. My father was a diplomat and apart from living in the Middle East we traveled there a lot.
The things you see on the news can be scary, usually isolated incidents. It is no different from crime or riots in the United States. You won't be sworn in by the US because of the shooting in Baltimore. Turkey and the Middle East have the same situation.
That being said, use common sense. Check the US State Department site to see if there is a travel advisory for the place you want to visit. Stay in areas where the majority of tourists will come (such as the security of those people increases) and do not stand outside yourself.
Turkey is a beautiful country. I went there many times and never felt insecure.

How many days do I have to go to Turkey after my working travel has passed?

Oh friend! It depends on how careful you are!
Turkey was once advertised as the world's largest museum, and indeed it is. It is a large country with unique landscapes of great natural and ancient beauty.
Istanbul is not the best in Turkey. A monopoly of over 18 million people and full of cars, even flats dumped, and 18 million people! The ancient site Sultanheim is amazing and not to be missed but you can do it in the right direction in two days.
The whole country can take up to three weeks from one church. You must visit Konya to see the dervishes. You cannot miss the outdoor food and workshops of Ghaznitep where you can see the artisans making brass utensils and pearl chess sets of mothers. You should see Cappadocia and fly between the towers of legends in a hot air balloon in the morning. You will not miss the southern beaches of Adana, Bodrum, Sirali. If you go east, go to Mount Nurd where the ancient king made his mountain to be close to all the gods.
Honestly, the moon can cover everything.
Oops! Visit Trabzon to see a monastery carved on the edge of the mountains at the top of the Black Sea. From there you can go south to Malat where apricots and pistachios grow and the Turkish people are very beautiful.
We will stop here. come to Turkey !!

Is it fun to travel to Turkey in Feb as a first timer will I be able to see everything and also be able to enjoy nightlife?

February is still the coldest month in Istanbul after January, with an average temperature of 8 ° C and 78 mm of rain. Although you will experience low temperatures, you can be sure that there is not too much snow and it rarely reaches below freezing in Istanbul. Snow and rain are also less than in January.
So if you can go with an actual weather trip, then yes, February is a good time to go here! Tourism is always low during the winter months, so you will be given the best attention and easy access to the city's monuments and beauty such as Hagia Sophia and Cistern. Turkish food does not change much during the cold months, so you will not miss summer habits.
Wonder what he did in Istanbul last night? Meditate on an evening of traditional music and dance for dinner. On a typical night in Istanbul, you will see the illuminated temple but the experience is very different, as you can see and take pictures of beautiful dance rhythms while tasting Turkish fare. There is so much more; As you start drinking sweet wine and enjoy eating the fourth.
Bosphorus clubs offer a wonderful night with full views from the top showing the beauty of the bridge and bright views of the Anatolian side. I can make a list of famous nightclubs with a good reputation worldwide. Reena is the largest nightclub in the city, where you can enjoy a few drinks and see the city illuminated. Anjelik is also a famous nightclub on the banks of the Bosphorus with an incredible location, known for its scenic beauty and delicious food. Istanbul also has a chance to experience bars after midnight if you are a fan of jazz music, or meet up with your friends again and have a karaoke night.
Welcoming people from all over the world and having a wonderful night.

I wish to book air ticket hotel accommodation n private car for Istanbul Turkey Can anyone suggest me will it be wise going through a travel agent or should I book on my own

If the world were a country, Istanbul would have been the capital. "Here are the facts that make Istanbul unique and isolated. It is the only city in the world that was the capital of the Three Kingdoms in history." , Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The only city in the world on two continents - the city where the continents meet.
If you want to visit Istanbul for the first time, I hope this comprehensive travel agency can help you plan your trip. It will tell you everything you need to know where to live, what are the good places and what to eat.

Amount required at immigration if you are a Moroccan and travelling to Turkey

If you are Morocco and you are visiting Turkey then you do not need any foreign currency on immigration.
Morocco: Ordinary and valid passport holders in Turkey released from visa for 90 days.
Visa requirements for Moroccan citizens are restrictions on entry into the jurisdiction of foreign officials imposed on Moroccan citizens. As of 03 September 2020, Moroccan citizens had visa free or visa to enter 64 countries and territories, the Moroccan passport for freedom of movement being 83rd.

How much it will cost if we are traveling to Turkey in an economic way?

It depends on how many days you live in Turkey.
As a backpacker, a 7 day trip to Istanbul cost me.
A cheap hostel in Techseam can be as low as 12 € per person. If you go couch surfing, you can reduce it.
Get an Istanbul card for 15 Lyras, and add 50-60 Lira to it and it can be used to access public toilets known as metro, bus, funistic, ferry and WC. 20-25 lira is more than enough for a day trip around the city.
A roadside donor or kebap will have about 8 leras or a meal (tavuk sak, iskander), which is not such a grand restaurant.
The 5-day museum pass (music cart) will cost around 50 - 70 lire which includes all major tourist attractions except the Galata Tower.
Taksim area is famous for many nightclubs such as Eski Beirut, Ridim, Ritim.
Stag entry is generally not allowed in all clubs. A pint of beer will cost around 5 lira before 11 pm and 10-15 after 11 pm.
All in all, a day in Istanbul will cost you around 180–250 € Lyrus i.e. 60–80, which includes living, food, travel and night life.
In short, plan your tour to Turkey by having an electronic visa turkey system, then contact us.